Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Master Bedroom

The first two pictures show what this room looked like when we first started to remodel. We had a friend of ours helping out and he began to rip out the ceiling tiles. All sorts of dust & cap came raining down upon him while he worked, and he just kept on, like a trooper. My husband didn't tell him until afterward that it was rat poop. In fact, we still call it the rat poop room. We didn't get to the remodel on this room until we'd lived in the house for a year or so. We just kind of shut the door and pretended it wasn't there.

When we did end up remodeling, we ripped out the entire bathroom, built a closet (in the after picture you just see the frame of the closet door, not the doors or organizer) put in a stall shower and transformed the under-the-stairs closet into a built in entertainment center.

One thing about a basement room- no matter how hot the summer gets, this room is always cool, and those windows face Southeast, so they get the morning sunshine, it's a great way to wake up.

AND- no rats- the house had been abandoned for like a year before we moved in, the rats moved away.

Dining Room

In the first picture, the walls and floor are covered in dust, sanded and ready to paint (after we vacuum it up) and the several boxes of floor planks (what are they really called?) for the living room & upstairs bedrooms are stacked up in the middle of the floor ready to be put down.

In the second picture, most of the floor tiles are down, he's probably out cutting the edge pieces right now.

In the last picture, the room is done with the exception of the crown moulding and window frames, which might not get done, save it for the next owner.

Upstairs bedroom

I wish I had a before-before picture of this room. It is kind of long, like 22 ft long, and 11 ft wide- and when we got the house, the bedroom was covered in wood paneling and had a brown linoleum floor. We removed the wood paneling, replaced several sheets of drywall- some had been sprayed by a cat (why do they call it spray and not piss- it's quite disgusting and I don't know why anyone would want one of those nasty creatures pissing on their walls. There was also plywood instead of drywall on some of the walls, so those of course had to be replaced, too. We went with a moss green, it's relaxing and it matched my comforter.

Livng Room Remodel

When we bought the house it had wood paneling on the walls and green linoleum. In this first picture, Mr H is taking a break from working on the drywall. The floor is covered in drywall dust and nothing of course has been painted. In the second picture, you can see that we went with a golden yellow color for the walls, The room was so sunny and we wanted a color that would mesh well with the nature outside the window. The yellow is just light enough that it doesn't make the room hotter in the summer, it's bright & cheerful, and in the winter it really feels sun-shiny. Plus, it goes well with our furniture

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Spend $10 get $20

Yep- clip the coupon at the top of page 22 (left side) and buy 10 tubes of crest toothpaste for $10 and you'll get a $20 register reward to use on your next purchase. I don't think it will roll, otherwise I'd tell you to then do it again and again and again. Have fun. You know the store- if you've been reading me long enough you know what I"m talking about. newcomers, speak up or search the archives. What's my new favorite store?