Sunday, December 27, 2009

Our Home

Looking at these pictures has me homesick a bit. Man, I loved being a homeowner. I loved our house. We put so much love & energy into every inch of it and now another family is living in it. I hope they're happy. It really pisses me off to think that someone could think we did it on purpose. No one loses their home on purpose.

The dump we're living in now sucks. The floors are uneven and even wavy. that's what happens when you put peel and stick squares in the kitchen. The landlord acted like it was our fault, but those aren't watertight and they're not made for high moisture areas. Especially when the basement keeps flooding and the water evaporates up into the kitchen floor. It's disgusting. And I don't even want to get into the bathroom. The linoleum is in 2 pieces, separated and ripped in the middle to expose the underfloor. The walls and floors aren't sealed, so water is constantly getting into the walls and between things. the toilet is sideways so you can't even sit on it straight. The cabinet is 3 inches from the tub so things fall down there and I don't dare retrieve them because of spiderwebs (HUGE SPIDERS) and... eewww.

I hate this house. I hate living here. I hate that we lost our home. I hate that we live here. I hate that Lonnie & Mike think it was part of our master plan. Screw them. Our master plan was to reopen and maintain relationships with people- Lonnie killed that by failing as chairman of the board, to contact investors and then again by stealing the business. He doesn't intend to pay anyone except himself. He screwed us and all of our investors and our staff. It doesn't end here. These crooks haven't seen the end of me.