Saturday, March 29, 2008

And Garden

I think I have to rename this blog mrs Hannigan's Home & Garden because otherwise I'd have no place to share my garden excitement (Didn't think of that in the middle of Winter)

Here's the current excitement:

-Yesterday's snow didn't freeze the ground
-Bulb flowers in front are up & I see a bud on one of the daffodils
-Our lawn is so green
-Roses I trimmed are looking great, I better do the backyard soon.
-Family friend has started bush beans & tomatoes in her greenhouse & offered us some once they're ready. Yippee, G1 will be so excited.
-I should start something
-MrH has done some yardwork fixing planters and clearing the playground / treehouse area of dangerous things to step on, now we need to lay some sod down or something, because we have a hill of dirt and the kids keep coming in the house filthy.
-I left some snapdragons and daisies in the ground and they have new growth.
-Peonies are coming up, too.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Kitchen/ Dining room Floor Tile (cool pattern)

Ok so it isn't truly a before picture because you can see there's no wood paneling on the walls, and the house is covered in drywall dust. That's OK, though, because it isn't truly an after picture either because some of the edge tiles aren't done. Notice, though, how we took an ordinary looking tile (boring, plain, white) and made it extraordinary by staggering it in a diagonal pattern. The walls (it's an old house) aren't perfectly straight along the floor and putting the tiles at an angle helps disguise that. Also, by staggering them, we can avoid the criss crossing of grout that makes my head spin. We ended up using a very light cream colored grout and a spray-on sealer. The grout color is great, it looked wonderful for 2 whole weeks. The spray sealer sucks dirt, I do not recommend it. We took a shortcut & now we regret it because it loks like we used a dark grout, exactly the contrast I didn't want. whatever, we get compliments on it all the time, the pattern is really cool. Now we just need moulding. I think the entire project was around $800 for 600 sq ft.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

We have a play room

Part of our basement remodel has been to create a little "kids living room" where they can sit down and read a book or watch TV and store their toys. When I was a kid our rooms were always such messes because we stored our toys there and policing the space was impossible. My goal is that no toys (save for a small shelf of sentimental items or recent gifts) be stored in their rooms. So this rec room space we've made is mostly a playroom. Their computer is down there, too. Reclaiming my living room has been nice.