Saturday, March 29, 2008

And Garden

I think I have to rename this blog mrs Hannigan's Home & Garden because otherwise I'd have no place to share my garden excitement (Didn't think of that in the middle of Winter)

Here's the current excitement:

-Yesterday's snow didn't freeze the ground
-Bulb flowers in front are up & I see a bud on one of the daffodils
-Our lawn is so green
-Roses I trimmed are looking great, I better do the backyard soon.
-Family friend has started bush beans & tomatoes in her greenhouse & offered us some once they're ready. Yippee, G1 will be so excited.
-I should start something
-MrH has done some yardwork fixing planters and clearing the playground / treehouse area of dangerous things to step on, now we need to lay some sod down or something, because we have a hill of dirt and the kids keep coming in the house filthy.
-I left some snapdragons and daisies in the ground and they have new growth.
-Peonies are coming up, too.

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