Thursday, November 13, 2008

What home?

Such a lag in posts to this blog, I intended to be posting right about now with new and exciting decorative things we've done at the new house, but that's not happening. In fact, we might not even be moving right now. There's nothing I hate more than uncertainty. I am not generally a control freak, I am pretty relaxed and mellow about things, I just want to know my address, y'know. Should I unpack? The up-in-the-air-ness of all of this is really killing me. I was given a task "Find us a house to move into while I'm out of town" so I did, I spent about $400 in gas, fast food & hotels driving over to the other side of the state to find a house. I loved the house. i wasn't kidding myself about the neighborhood, I was willing to take the trade off for a house in a less-than-desirable neighborhood so that we could be close to the Art School, the museums and the theater and the library, all the important downtown things we LOVE about the city. My husband's friend is freaking out, though and now we might be opening this restaurant again and I really hate this uncertainty. I'm trying to be cool about it, but our stuff has been packed up into boxes for almost a month now and I am really sick of this garbage. Get me the heck out of this nasty little town, I hate it here. I hate this town. I've said goodbye to my friends, I've made some new friends and researched the new neighborhood and I don't give a crap what your friend says about the neighborhood. Sure, I'd never UY a house there, but we're RENTING and it's close to everything. I hate this. I really really hate this. positivity is hard to come by at the moment. I think I should stop writing.

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