Monday, February 11, 2008

Sometimes you just need to be hassled

Hassle me is a silly new website where you program in how often you want to be reminded of something, and what that something is, and they automatically send you little notes, hassling you. Examples they give are- calling your mother every 7 days, going to the gym every 4 days, eating fruit, practice the piano, walk in the park... I think you get the picture. Neat service, funny service. No thanks.

It does remind me of flylady, though. Her program is for hardcore junk addicts, packrats, etc whose house gets thrashed in 5 minutes or something, they send you reminders all day constantly and you have to keep these detailed notebooks. It just always seemed like more work than actually just cleaning the house, though. Understanding her practices, though is a good idea for keeping things organized in your head.

The underlying wisdom of Flylady, though is "don't go to bed with a dirty sink." And it's so true, waking up to dirty dishes kind of makes the whole daya littl emore hectic, doesn't it.

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